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After a life in big organisations I wanted a coach who could cut through the corporate b!llshit and work with me for who I am not just what I do.  I got that in Emma.  She somehow manages the magical combination of coaching with professionalism, pragmatism and heart.  She quickly helped me get to the nub of what I love, what I need and what I want and I've been able to make this the foundation for building out the next stage of my career. Her warmth and humour created the trust I needed to challenge old thinking and consider the art of the possible.  Thank you Emma.  If there were stars, you'd get 5 (out of 5)
Helen James
Learning and Development Manager
As a mentor, Emma shared her wisdom to gently and constructively challenge my approach at work and help me grow. As a coach, Emma helped me to reconnect with my deepest desire… And make it happen.
Geralidine Visser
Coach and Senior Learning and Development Manager
"Working with Emma has been amazing. She's helped me to become a lot clearer on my motivators and the skills that drive me. The coaching sessions have enabled me to get to know myself better and have helped show me how I can be authentically me in my career. I've learnt to stop putting limitations on myself and have gained the confidence to make meaningful and strategic changes. Emma is very kind and easy to talk to. She listened intently to every word I said and encouraged me to think from a new perspective. I'd recommend her to anyone!"
Estelle Luck
Communications Manager

"If it's important to you, you will find a way, if not you'll find an excuse"
Ryan Blair