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Are you a highly driven and passionate leader? Are you self aware and always looking to improve, constantly learning and developing yourself? Do you take chances, big and small, in the knowledge that you have succeeded and failed and it’s all part of how you grow? Are you willing to be honest to yourself and those around you? Do you have a passion for helping others to be at their best?


BUT….despite your success, do you sometimes struggle to see your strengths and the huge difference you are making? Do you find it hard to slow down, reflect or get clarity on what you really want and need? Are you highly self critical and find you hold yourself back from what you really want in life because of your confidence? Do your strengths have a dark side that people don’t always recognise – does your drive mean you go too fast and miss things? Your desire to keep developing stop you from celebrating what you have achieved and how far you have come?


Does your emotional control get in the way of showing vulnerability to others and gaining trust? Does your high level of empathy mean you get overwhelmed with supporting others and their emotions so you have little energy to move towards your own goals and needs?


If this sounds like you….we should have a chat!


You can choose your friends but not your family……or your whole team (most of the time). We are all unique and have our own strengths, talents, experience and outlook. This can work brilliantly for teams or create blockers if we let it. I help teams come together, recognise the power of each others strengths and experience, find their core shared purpose and work through challenges to achieve their goals.


I work closely with leaders to understand the business challenges and outcomes needed, team dynamics and history.  From here we can build a better understanding of what is needed, build trust and create the best solution for the team. I have worked with Country Boards, Exec leadership teams, cross level/cross functional teams, new leaders and teams experiencing change globally and across different organisations


People are at the heart of everything you do as an organisation. Inspire, grow and support your people and they will deliver their best for you. Easy, right?! Then how do so many organisations get it wrong or struggle to embed new cultural changes. I have worked with the best (and worst) leaders, seen this done most effectively and fall flat on it’s arse! I work with leaders to help them see what is working and what is not and come up with bespoke solutions to fit their needs. This has included leadership development, talent development, culture change and learning initiatives – from programmes to playbooks and events. I am open, honest, challenging and creative. I focus on connecting with people, exploring what’s possible and creating and sharing ideas that will work for the business, leaders and their teams.

Why work with me? Hear what people have to say...

Emma is a personable, seasoned professional who is able to make things happen. With Emma’s knowledge, support and experience we were able to make great progress on a number of fronts including a leadership framework, senior leader induction, leadership programme, and coaching solutions.
Neil Andrew
Head of Talent, Primark
Emma is a fantastic person to work with. High energy, creative and inspirational. Emma is great at building effective relationships at all levels in a business and is able to deliver results by working with and through the organisation. Whenever faced with a challenge, Emma will always develop a series of options and ideas - and then most importantly, make it happen!
Simon Leibling
Global Transformation Director
“The greatest example of her influencing skills, business acumen and knowledge of L&D was the way in which she went about building a true coaching and feedback culture at Camelot. In fact, anyone looking to deliver large scale cultural change programmes could learn a lot from Emma's approach. By focussing on engagement and active participation from the executive team, developing a group of "master coaches" to support the other managers in the business and subsequent learning festivals to embed and turbo charge the programme, she achieved something quite brilliant.”
Ben Morton
Leadership mentor and Performance coach
Emma is a great thought leader. She understands fully how to engage with a business, taking a strong partnering role to develop personalised effective solutions that drive real, demonstrable change. I aspire to have the capability and credibility that Emma has gained at some stage in my own career. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity you should grasp it firmly with both hand
Paul Miles
Learning and Development Manager